ryback™ bushtetra

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The Ryback™ Bushtetra has been in the works for the past two years and incorporates everything I learned from the Ryback GP and Bushcrafter about designing and producing high quality, user-friendly knives.

The Ryback™ Bushtetra remains lightweight and slim but now features a longer 137mm blade for more versatility in the kitchen. Grips are offered in a variety of materials, all precision machined and attached with my trademark threaded inserts and an additional 3mm pin forward in the hand guard area for added stability.

The Ryback™ Bushtetra features my favorite steel: German made Becut Stainless heat treated to an optimal HRC 59 and beautifully tumble finished. Becut is one of the first stainless steels to incorporate both Niobium and Vanadium for toughness and edge holding. Becut is the industry leader for blades used in industrial food processing machinery and I introduced it to the consumer knife market many years ago. For Performace and Value, Becut is the best stainless steel I’ve found.

steel type: Becut Niobium stainless
steel thickness: 3.1mm
overall length: 255mm
blade length (sharpened 130mm): 137mm
blade height: 33mm
grip thickness: 15.5mm approx.
weight: 150 grams

The grip of the new Ryback™ Bushtetra is similiar to that of the two previous small Rybacks, however the blade is totally new: 130mm of sharpened Becut!

The Ryback™ Bushtetra features the same fine, tumbled finish as the Ryback Series 3 large kitchen knife. It is very difficult and time consuming to obtain a nice satin finish when working with Becut steel. I think this tumbled finish looks better and is very forgiving regarding minor scratches from extended use.

This overall shot clearly shows the proportions of the Ryback™ Bushtetra. The knife balances just forward of the first grip screw.

Black Linien Micarta produced in Germany is the most popular and one of the most durable grip options offered. This stuff resists water and most liquids, remains grippy when wet and requires only an occasional waxing or oiling to last a very long time.

The blade tang is skeletonized to reduce weight and the grips are securely fastened with my trademark threaded inserts, M4 Torx stainless screws and a 3mm pin. Once attached, these grips are on to stay!

I am offering the Bushtetra with machined grips made from textured Orange and Olive Green G10. I have discontinued using Corian for grips because it is too heavy and invariably splits if the knife is dropped from even a modest height.

Another favorite of mine is USA-made Olive Green Canvas Micarta. I just love how this stuff looks and how it performs. The knife shown here features an optional matt grey stonewashed finish available on special order. The tomatoes won't even see you sneaking up on 'em!

As with the new Ryback Series 3 knives, the Bushtetra also features branding done in my shop with my own electro etching system. I want to offer knives at prices a normal person can afford -- and afford to use -- and this helps make that possible without any sacrifice in quality.