Rather than constantly introducing new designs, my philosophy is to come up with a good design and keep improving and refining it until I can take the idea no further.

My current folder lineup consists of the following three models: Leafstorm, Ghost Dog, Ghost Dog Pup and recently the Ryback EDC.

I make folders sporadically and sell them from stock. I stopped accepting custom orders for knives because the actual production costs are so high, I would have to charge a fortune for each folder. Plus, I find it very stressful trying to make the exact knife a customer has in their imagination. I will continue to produce folders from time to time and offer them for sale here on my website. Check the in stock knives page to see if I have anything on hand right now.

Some of the folders on this page are older models I’ve made in the past. Nothing like looking through the old pics to bring back memories!

For more info on the current folders, click the model name in the navigation bar.

The Ghost Dog is the largest folder I currently make and it is a big one. I designed this folder when the German television show Galileo contacted me to film a short piece in my shop for international broadcast. I wanted a knife big enough to show up on screen. It does. They still repeat the episode every six months or so!

Here's a Leafstorm Damascus with a really nice mammoth ivory overlay. The prices on high quality mammoth ivory have gone through the roof in the last couple of years.

This a the last Parforce I made. It's designed with a nail-nick for two hand opening. This is a model I've retired – at least for now – and it goes out wearing an excellent piece of bark mammoth ivory.

The Damascus used for the overlays on this Ghost Dog Folder was made by Markus Balbach from steel salvaged from the sunken wreck of the battleship Tirpitz.

Both grip overlays and blade are made from the same piece of Damascus, heat treated and etched. I love the grey-on-grey look of this Ghost Dog Pup.

Here's a look back at a discontinued model I call the Avalon. The grips are machined from 6082 Alu with an inlayed titanium lockbar. Blades were usually BG-42 or CPM S30V. Fitting the lockbar to the blade was a real labor-intensive operation...

How many hours did it take me to one of these custom Ryback Folding Kitchen Knives? I don't wanna think about it! The knives are really cool scary monsters though. I've toyed with the idea of bringing these back as a lock back.

This Ryback EDC Folder has a M2 HSS blade with a machined grind and black TiAlN coating. This was a unique knife I did years ago and wish I had never sold. Maybe I'll crank me out another one?