Currently, this model is not in production.

The Ghost Dog Galileo a BIG folder I designed for a segment of the German television show Galileo. The segment pops up several times a year in rotation on N24. Unfortunately the station will not allow me to show it on this website. Bummer. Remind me to fire my agent. ;-)

Ghost Dogs are machined from 3+mm thick 6Al4V titanium with overlays on both sides. I no longer offer a clip as the Ghost Dog is too big for pocket carry and too big for my standard clips. Pivots for the current version of the Ghost Dog are 8mm in diameter, custom turned, heat treated and press fit into the frame where they’re secured from both sides with M5 screws. A big knife needs a big pivot.

I designed a pierced, asymmetrical spacer for the Ghost Dog which allows a lanyard to enter through one grip and exit through the spacer. This reduces the width of an already hefty folder.

overall length open: 255mm
blade length: 110mm
blade thickness: 4+mm
knife closed: 145mm

IIRC this is the actual Ghost Dog I made for the filming of the television show Galileo. I had several knives to different stages of completion prepared for filming. The bit came out well in the end – even though I had hoped it would be more like Sunset Boulevard. Maybe next time? Mr. B DeMille? I'm ready for my close-up!

Here's a Ghost Dog with a fabulous stainless Damascus blades. The overlays are flame anodized titanium.

The Damascus used for the overlays on this Ghost Dog Folder was made by Markus Balbach from steel salvaged from the sunken wreck of the battleship Tirpitz.

This pic shows one of the Ghost Dogs in prep for his role on German TV. "Ve haf vays of making you learn your lines..."

I can't say I really enjoy grinding the damn blades on these knives ... something about that grind geometry is a pain in the ... you know what.

Here's a close-up showing the construction of the asymmetrical lanyard hole and spacer construction.

The original Ghost Dog design incorporated my standard pocket clip and 5-mm pivot. I changed these features in the current version because I think the pivot is optically to small. Mechanically, a 5-mm pivot is more than ample. To me, the clip just looks to small.

Next up is another early Ghost Dog, this time with a CMP 3V blade coated with black TiAlN and Wavy Gravy overlay. Anybody know who Wavy Gravy is – or was?