ghostdog pup

Currently, this model is not in production.

As the name implies, the Ghostdog Pup is a smaller, pocket-friendly version of the large Ghostdog. Many localities prohibit the carrying of knives with blades over 3 inches in length. The original Ghostdog Pup was just a tad too long and after multiple requests, I reduced the size to bring the blade of the current version down under 3 inches.

The last iteration of the design also incorporated the pierced, asymmetrical spacer and lanyard hole from the Ghostdog and follows its proportions more closely than did the early versions of the design.

overall length open: 180mm
blade length: 73mm
blade thickness: 4mm
knife closed: 102mm

The current Ghost Dog Pup is a slim, elegant little knife that I fit with matching grip overlays. In this case they're made from cream colored mammoth ivory.

The all stainless Damascus Ghost Dog Pup remains a favorite of mine. I really like the grey in grey.

Here's a detail view of the same knife. The grip overlays were heat treated and etched just like the blade.

This is a special Ghost Dog Pup made to order. The grip overlays are made from custom engraved Sterling silver and he blade is Damasteel.

This photo shows a detail of the same knife when the grips were fire anodized. The engraving is by Wilma Wolf in Suhl, Germany.

This Pup is wearing overlays of a Swedish wood called Goldregen, which means Golden Rain. It has a beautiful depth to the grain when polished and oiled.

Can't ever go wrong with mammoth ivory when it comes to grip overlays. The steel for this Ghost Dog Pup was forged by Markus Balbach.

Once upon a time I had a some really fantastic Snakewood. This is a piece of it.