The HTevolution is the result of more than six years work which began with the original Hunter’s Thorn design. Over the years I have refined the blade and the grip to the point where I believe this design is as far as I can take it.

Each HTevolution is precision machine ground from 5mm 1.2379 (D2) High Carbon Tool Steel heat treated to HRC61 for maximum edge holding. Grips are CNC machined in my shop from a variety of hard-use synthetic laminates as well as from several natural woods. The last remaining knives all have grips machined from Black Micarta.

The grip features a large lanyard hole and exposed striking surface on the butt. Each HTe is laser marked with my logo and steel type.

steel type: 1.2379 (D2)
steel thickness: 5.1mm
overall length: 205mm
blade length: 90mm
blade sharpened: 78mm
weight: 190 grams

The HTevolution is ground from German 1.2379 tool steel which is the equivalent of US D2. The knives are heat treated to a high hardness for edge holding and are not designed for prying up manhole covers.

The basic black HTevolution comes with machined grips crafted from black Micarta, recessed at the butt for easy access to the generous lanyard hole.

The Kydex plastic sheaths I offer are made in Germany by Alfred Wolter. All current sheaths are designed to accept Spyderco's Gclip belt attachment system.

I also offer the Htevolution with grips machined from pale green G11 composite plastic.

For those who prefer a leather sheath, Viktor Baerwald makes these compact, high-ride sheaths. All current sheaths are crafted from black leather.

Desert Tan Micarta is another favorite for grips. This durable industrial plastic laminate is used for electrical components and is almost indestructible. These are sold out.

Nothing like a little drama to show the sweep of these elegant, thinly ground blades.

In the beginning I offered wooden grips as an option. Shown here is a HTevolution fitted with grips machined from Cocobolo, which are now all sold out.