mini thorn classic

The Mini Thorn Classic is SOLD OUT and no further knives are planned.

Please take a look at the new Mini Thorn Nova on this website to see my current fixed blade EDC.

I’ve lost count of the number of knives in the Thorn Series! The Mini Thorn Classic is the updated version of one of the very first knives in the series. Hopefully that makes it classic enough to justify the name. This limited edition of hand ground prototypes was crafted from high performance 1.2519 carbon tool steel. The deep hollow grind was done by Richard Spitzl in Bavaria.

steel type: 1.2519 carbon tool steel
steel thickness: 4.4mm
overall length: 150mm
blade length: 72mm
sharpened: 60mm
max. blade height: 30mm
weight: 110 grams

The Mini Thorn Classic is in a test phase right now. I've only produced a very limited number of knives to test the water before committing to a larger production run.

There are two slightly different versions within the prototype series: Some knives have a complete stonewashed finish ...

... while others have a hand satin finished grind, like this example.

The leather belt sheaths for the Mini Thorn Classic were made by Viktor Baerwald here in Germany.