General Order Info

ordering items from stock

I sell directly and ship worldwide.
• I do not offer dealer discounts.
• I do not have a webshop system.
• If you’d like to purchase an item shown on my in stock pages, please send me an email listing the item(s) you want and include your name and location. I will reply with payment information. I make every effort to keep the in stock pages current!
Minimum order is €25 Euro, excluding VAT and shipping.

custom orders

Minimum custom order is €2500 exclusive of VAT and shipping.

payment options

Full payment must be received in advance of shipment.
I only accept payment in Euro (€). I cannot provide exchange rate information.

Send PayPal to:

Your shipping address must be included with the payment. No exceptions! PayPal makes it easy to send funds in Euro: Simply select Euro as the payment currency and you will see the exchange rate before you click send. I cover the Paypal fee.
I reserve the right to refuse PayPal payments for any reason.

Bank Transfer
A direct transfer to my German account is the only non-PayPal payment option.


Shipping costs are additional to the purchase price and must be paid by the buyer.

Shipping Charges:
Standard Shipping to the USA, Canada, most EU countries and many other destinations via German Post registered, insured airmail is €12.50. This shipping method usually takes 5-14 days and is trackable online for orders going to the USA, Canada and many other countries.
Inside Germany via DHL insured Paket up to 5 kilo is €7 (€5.88 + 19% VAT)

I will quote your exact shipping costs when you place your order. I reserve the right to refuse shipment to any country at my discretion or limit shipping options. Most orders ship within 48 hours of payment. Normally I ship every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

customs regulations & fees

The buyer is responsible for any and all Customs duties or taxes which may be levied on the shipment. Additionally the buyer is solely responsible for determining whether or not any product purchased may be imported into their country. Check your local laws before you order!

save your receipt!

Should you ever need to return your purchase to me, you MUST include a copy of the original receipt to avoid German Customs’ charges.

VAT (sales tax) or Why Do You Have 2 Prices?

I am required by law to collect 19% German Value Added Tax (VAT) on shipments to an address within the European Union (EU). VAT means “national sales tax” for those unfamiliar with the term. The higher price shown for each product includes German Sales Tax while the lower price excludes German Sales Tax. Buyers outside the EU do not have to pay German VAT so they pay the lower of the two prices. It’s that simple!

sharpening & repair

Normally I will sharpen any knife I made free of charge. Please contact me for further details before sending in your knife and be sure to include return postage with the knife. Never ship a knife in an envelope, always pack it securely in a box, including some type of edge protector or sheath.

I will repair any knife or WilkinsGRIP product I’ve made that gets worn, broken or damaged. This means doing my best to restore it to the condition it was in when it left my shop. Please contact me with pics and complete info and I will try to give you an overview of the costs before you send in your knife. Warranty repairs are of course free. I do not work on knives I didn’t make.

I do not sell spare parts or repair Benchmade or Spyderco products. Please contact these companies directly for parts and service.

vendor recommendations

The vendors I recommend are on the contact page of this website. Feel free to contact them directly. These are the only vendors I can suggest.

customers in china

Taobao Webshop

Facebook and Google

I do not operate a mailing list because of the incredible amount of time it requires. I post current info and new products on my Google News Blog or more frequently on my Facebook Page. Please visit one or both and choose Like or Follow to stay in the Loop.