To date I have had two of my designs go into licensed, series production. Interestingly the two designs chosen were my smallest folder, the Leaftorm which was produced by Spyderco, Inc in the USA and my largest folder, the Ryback Folding Kitchen Knife which was produced by the German company Cherusker Messer.

Neither of these knives are currently in production, however you may be able to find one on the secondary market. Unfortunately I don’t have any to sell.

I cannot offer parts or service for either of these knives, please contact Spyderco directly with questions about the Spyderco Leafstorm. Cherusker Messer has ceased operations so I don’t know who you can contact with questions about their Ryback Folder.

This is the Cherusker Ryback Kitchen Folder. Unfortunately Cherusker is no longer in the knifemaking business. They brought out a variety of folding knives, all more or less of a tactical nature.

The Cherusker Ryback used textured, black G10 on one side and heat treat stainless steel instead of titanium on the frame lock side.

The blade appears black in this photo but it's only a question of lighting. In reality, all blades had a machine satin finish. The tumb hole was a large oval.

This photo shows a pre-production prototype without any of the laser markings found on the production knives. The entire series was produced for Cherusker in China.

This is a Spyderco Leafstorm wearing an orange Corian WilkinsGRIP of the type I made for a short time during the first year of production. I stopped making these due to variations in the prodction knives from run to run.

Here's a stock Spyderco Leafstorm just like it left the factory in Golder, Colorado, USA, The World ... as Spyderco likes to say!

In this shot you can see the lanyard hole built into the integrated spacer – all machined from a single piece of natural, jade-green G10 FR4 composite.

The locking side of the Spyderco Leafstorm was machined from a nice piece of 6Al4V titanium. The blades are ground from S30V stainless steel.