ryback™ damascus

The Damascus steel in every Ryback™ Damascus was hand forged by German Master Craftsman Markus Balbach. I knew Markus was one of the few smiths capable of making inclusion-free flat plate large enough for my big blades and he did a superb job. These knives all perform just as well as they look. The carbon two types of tool steel combined in each blade were not chosen just for looks. These knives will cut.

I CNC-machined each blank from the plate before sending them to Solingen for grinding while I milled the grips from fine, Cocobolo Wood.

Final Sale! Get one before they’re gone!!

steel type: Balbach DSC Carbon Damascus
steel thickness: 3.25mm
overall length: 325mm
blade length (sharpened): 180mm
blade height: 55mm
grip thickness: 19mm
weight: 252 grams

The camera lens is bringing some dramatic distortion to this shot, but hey, that's entertainment and you get a real feel for the real drama, which is Markus Balbach's damascus steel.

In case the first pic wasn't enough of a close up, this one should do ya. Each Ryback Damascus is unique, the pattern in the steel varies from knife to knife.

Your Ryback™ Damascus will ship in a hand made black box with foam liner and include a signed and numbered certificate.

All Ryback™ Damascus knives have grips machined from finest Cocobolo. The grips are attached with threaded inserts and M4 stainless screws as well as glue to insure that moisture can't seep between the grips and the tang.

Here's a nice profile shot showing the form of the knife.

The Ryback™ Damascus has exactly the same shape, grip and grind as all of the other Ryback Series 2 kitchen knives. Only the steel is different.

And is the steel different! Balbach is famous for crafting Damascus that not only looks great, it performs great. There is no reason why these knives cannot be used in the kitchen. In fact, that's what they're made for!

Yet another Ryback™ Damascus. See the in stock page for prices and availability. I do not think you can get another knife in this class for the price.