ryback™ series 3

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The Ryback™ Series 3 large kitchen knife incorporates improvements brought on by customer feedback and my own experience using the Series 2 in the kitchen. Where I could make a better knife, I did.

The blade length remains 180mm (approx. 7 inches) however the Series 3 is a tick taller and the cutting edge profile has been modified to better allow cutting through food when doing prep work on the board. Each knife is hand sharpened and the blades are marked with my electro etching system.

Redesigned to give the index finger better control of the cutting angle, the grips are attached with my trademark threaded inserts and have an added 3mm pin through the tang and into the grips for more stabilty where the grips are thinnest.

I have retained Becut stainless at HRC 59, adding a beautiful, fine tumbled finish to this tough steel. If I thought there was better steel than Niobium / Vanadium alloyed Becut for the Ryback Series 3, I would have used it. Becut offers a tremendous Value to Cost ratio keeping the price affordable and the performance amazing. Try a Ryback™ Series 3 and you’ll see what the fuss is about.

steel type: Becut Niobium Stainless
steel thickness: 3.1mm
overall length: 325mm
blade length (sharpened 180mm): 193mm
blade height: 58mm
grip thickness: 18.5mm
weight: 258 grams (approx)

Hopefully the new Ryback™ Series 3 hits the target like the previous 2 generations of Ryback large kitchen knives have! The overall 180mm blade length and the choice of Becut stainless are common design features of all three knives.

The grip of The Ryback™ Series 3 is long enough for even the largest hand, yet thin enough so users with smaller hands don't feel like they're holding a baseball bat with a blade stuck in it.

One of the many design modifications is the addition of a 3mm pin press fit through the blade tang. This pin fits in blind holes on the inside of the grips, providing added stability on the outer grip edge. Details like this add substantially to production times but are well worth it for the user.

The Ryback™ Series 3 has one of the best blade finishes I have ever managed to offer on a short run production knife. It is produced through tumble polishing the blades with many different type of polishing media. Hard to do justice in a photo though!

Previously I had many of my knives laser marked with my Logo and model name. Now I have a professional electro etching system with which I can mark blades in my shop. This allows me to get the knives finished quicker and keep my costs down with no loss of quality.

Here are the two newest members of The Ryback Family together in one photo. You will be hard pressed to find better performance and quality at these prices.

This photos shows all three generations of Ryback Large Kitchen Knives together on one cutting board. Top is the original Ryback Series One, in the middle the new Series 3 and below the Series 2. I keep threatening to do a new run of the Series One knives, who knows, maybe it will happen?

Last up, here's my own Ryback Series 3 that I've been testing at home. I do love that Becut steel, it just keeps on cutting! The Black Linien Micarta grips are still very grippy, even when wet as seen in this photo.