Each Steakout! is crafted from 1.4116 stainless cutlery steel and has a very fine, tumble polished surface. 4116 is the most widely used stainless steel in Solingen for kitchen cutlery. It hold an edge well, is reasonably tough and with even the most rudimentary care, almost impervious to rust.

The Steakout! can actually be used as a steak knife. It may also be used – with the appropriate sheath – as a very effective backup knife. Due to the thin grip, the Steakout! is a very lightweight knife for its blade length. The grips may be easily removed by the user for an even thinner, lighter blade.

Viktor Baerwald has created an excellent leather sheath which may be special ordered. These sheaths do not have a belt loop and are designed to protect the blade and user when transporting the knife in a jacket pocket or backpack. I also have a limited number of Bolatron IWB sheaths, also sold separately.

A large ring on the end of the grip – in the tradition of Bird and Trout knives – allows for a lanyard.

steel type: 1.4116 Cutlery Stainless
steel thickness: 3.8mm
overall length: 210mm
blade length: 103mm
sharpened: 90mm
max. blade height: 25mm
weight: 90 grams

Why not start out with the dress version? Nothing dresses up like titanium – especially when it's been polished and fire anodized.

Here's a Steakout! with a Mytuko Mini. The Steakout! is much slimmer with a substantially longer blade.

I've done a lot of these with acetate grips, shown are the version I call Blue Ice.

Here's a nice close up of two Steakout!s. One with Blue Ice grips, the other in Havana, both machined from Italian optical acetate.

Yet another Steakout! wearing see through acetate, this time pale yellow.

Toxic Green acetate is one version you won't put down and forget. The grip length on the Steakout! is more than enough for most hands.

Viktor Baerwald gives careful attention to every detail in his sheaths, as seen in the wrapped keeper strap.

Bringing up the rear are two Steakouts in natural machined titanium and Baerwald leather.