WilkinsGRIP Blades

The latest product in the Wilkins GRIP lineup is a replacement blade for the large Griptilian®. Beginning with a modified Spearpoint design, I went through many plastic test blades, adjusting my drawings and NC-program before making the first steel blade. Getting the geometry of the blade around the pivot required a lot of work and testing.

The production blades for the large Griptilian® folders are in stock and shipping! All blades are ground from CPM S30V stainless. See the Grips in Stock page of this website for sizes, pics and prices.

This is the one and only run of these blades I will be making, the costs involved make further runs or blades for other folders including the Mini Griptilian® impossible. Get one of these now if you want one!

These modified products were not manufactured by Benchmade Knife Co., Inc.

Here they are: The WilkinsBLADE in CPM S30V stainless for all Large Griptilian® folders, doesn't matter if you have my grips or not, these will fit the factory grips fine! Get 'em before they are sold out!

All of the other prototype WilkinsGRIP Blades have been ground from VG-10 stainless laminated steel from japan. Here are two examples from the second prototype run.

This VG-10 cored material is the same steel used for making all of the high quality, laminated kitchen knives on the market.

Nothing like a close up shot to show the beautiful pattern in Achim Wirtz' Damascus.

This is one of the original run of four VG-10 laminated blades I hand ground for testing. They are narrower than the later blades shown above.

I love the Axis Lock, it's a great system, but it is a lot more complicated than you may think from a quick look. Try making blades that fit every time and you'll see what I mean.

After doing the first run, I knew I needed more precise measurements of the blade in order to produce a product that would fit perfectly without needing any grinding or sanding.

I ended up having a blade laser measured by a local vendor who specialize in all types of laser technology. I hope my drawings and tolerances are finally getting to the point where I can rely on getting a perfect fit every time.