WilkinsGRIP BMG mini RL

I’ve made the original WilkinsGRIP BMG mini grips continuously since their introduction in 2008. Recently I felt it was time to incorporate all the suggestions and ideas 7 years of experience have provided.

So for 2016, I give you the WilkinsGRIP BMG mini RL.

The most important change is the new G10 Spacer. In combination with subtle changes to the grip profile and inner pocket, it allows the Lanyard Hole to move toward the rear of the knife, behind the clip. The grips are now slightly shorter and the added palm swell and edge jimping provide better control.

The WilkinsGRIP BMG mini RL requires no modification to the original knife and the stock pocket clip may be mounted on either side with the factory screws for full ambidextrous carry.

I will continue to sell the original BMG mini grips for the time being as I begin producing the new RLs in quantity. Check stock for details.

These modified products were not manufactured by Benchmade Knife Co., Inc.

Flame Orange is Back! It's been in constant demand since the first BMG minis, so I decided to make the very first run of WilkinsGRIP BMG mini RL grips in Orange!

Each WilkinsGRIP BMG mini RL gripset includes the two CNC machined grips, a Black G10 Spacer and 2 M2.5 counter sunk Torx screws. All gripsets are now supplied with black stainless screws unless you request otherwise.

Hardcoat anodized 6082 T6 Alu makes for a strong, durable and lightweight folder. A lot of steps go into machining and finishing the grips and spacers before they're ready for anodizing, which has become more and more expensive. For this reason I have decided not to produce anymore Alu grips. When current stock is gone, that will be it.

I have decided to produce all WilkinsGRIP BMG mini RL Spacers from Black G10. Despite the durability of Hardcoat anodized Alu, the G10 is just more forgiving if the knife is dropped. The Alu spacers have also gotten very expensive to produce.

I'm always on the lookout for something new I can make grips from ... my newest discovery is Black & Orange layered G10. I call it Lava Flow. Stocks are almost gone, get a set now if you want one!

A Thing of the Past! BMG mini Ti grips. These are sold out and gone. The Good News: I hope to have the initial run of WilkinsGRIP BMG mini RL Titanium grips ready to sell in January 2016!

Here's a side-by-side pic of the original BMG minis and the new BMG mini RL grips. The RLs are in Orange. I've had a lot of requests over the years to figure out a way to get the Lanyard Hole further back on the grip: Well now you have it!

I did a pretty good run of BMG minis from Coarse Textured Ranger Green G10 a while back. They're long sold out but I confess to having kept a set for myself. I really like the Coarse Texture.