WilkinsGRIP BMG X2

The WilkinsGRIP BMG X2 Gripset fits all large Griptilian® Folding knives. That means all of them. Each gripset includes the two grip halves, an anodized Alu back spacer, 2 M2.5 screws which pass through the spacer and three 2-56 UNC screws to reattach the stock clip.

The BMG X2 requires no modification to the original knife and the stock pocket clip may be mounted on either side as desired for ambidextrous carry.

BMG X2 grips are the latest model incorporating a lanyard hole in the anodized 6061 Alu spacer. The grips themselves are milled from a variety of glass fiber laminated plastics, high strength alu and solid titanium – I even did a short Steampunk run machined from brass. Who knows what I’ll do in the future?

These modified products were not manufactured by Benchmade Knife Co., Inc.

I call this color Swimming Pool Green because it reminds me of a nice, cool swim in the summer – not that I have a lot of time for vacations in sun. The special glass fiber plastic is a high strength, heat resistant alloy that contains a lot of glass, making it very hard on carbide cutters. And it just happens to be this color.

This is the newest BMG X2 Steampunk Artemus Edition. Like previous Steampunk grips, these are machined from solid brass. This edition is named in Tribute to Artemus Gordon, a character in the 1960s US Television show Wild Wild West. I loved this program as a kid! This limited edition is sold out.

I really like the way the grips look when machined from some of the layered G10 color combinations. This set is made from Coyote and Black.

BMG X2 spacers are normally Hardcoat anodized black. The Hardcoat process gives an anodized surface that is much more wear resistant than normal anodizing, however I do offer spacers in bright colors from time to time. These are Blood Red and have proven very popular.

This BMX X2 gripset if one of a very limited special edition I made taking the Steampunk Style as a starting point. Grip frames are machined from brass with varied inserts, in this case of Ice Blue acetate. This edition is also sold out.

Folks love these grips machined from solid Titanium. WilkinsGRIPs fit the now discontinued Ritter Grip knives as illustrated here, as well as all the standard Benchmade Griptilian Series folders. I offer the titanium grip sets in Natural, Matt Grey and Fire Anodised finishes.

BMG X2 Titanium Series 2017 grip sets in Natural and Matt Grey finish now come standard with a natural Alu Spacer. All BMG X2 spacers are machined from 6061 Alu and have three 2-56 UNC threaded holes to accommodate the clip screws. This allows you to mount the clip on either side of the knife, just like on the factory Griptilian®.

Bright Flame Orange is a color that is always a favorite with buyers who don't want to put their knife down in the forest and loose it. The eye just can't miss this color. I do my best to keep these in stock because I know they always sell.