WilkinsGRIP D4

As of September 2018 I have finished the last run of Titanium D4 grips. These will be the last of the D4s, once these are gone, that’s it.

The WilkinsGRIP D4 Gripset is my first product made to fit a production folder made by Spyderco, Inc. The WilkinsGRIP D4 fits all Spyderco Delica 4 Series Folding knives. Each gripset consists of two grip halves, a machined back spacer with cross-pin and a set of custom made, stainless Torx screws. The factory pivot screw with washer must be reused with the D4 grips.

The WilkinsGRIP D4 requires no modification to the original knife and the stock pocket clip may be mounted on either side as desired for ambidextrous carry. The factory lanyard hole remains usable. The grips are milled from a variety of glass fiber laminated plastics and Grade 2 titanium.

I gotta warn you: The D4 installation is a lot more challenging than installing WilkinsGRIPs on the Griptilian® Series folders. You should have experience taking apart and reassembling your Delica before you attempt to install these grips. You will need three hands.

These modified products were not manufactured by Spyderco, Inc.

A stock Spyderco Delica 4 with brown FRN grips behind a Delica 4 outfitted with a WilkinsGRIP D4 gripset in Hardcoat anodized 6082-T6 Alu. These are from the first run and feature a polished Dural spacer.

This is my own personal Delica4 with Grey Ghost Titanium grips. These are machined from Grade 2 titanium, bead blasted then stonewashed for a durable, matt grey finish.

This is another look at the bottom edge of the first run. I used a 2mm radius for these. On later runs – including the Desert Tan G10 show below – I switched to a 3mm radius.

Here is a set of Fire Anodized Titanium D4 grips. In addition to the grips, each gripset includes a new spacer and custom Torx screws.

I've been including a soft PVC Patch with many products for a long time. Buyers enjoy displaying and collecting them. Here's a desert Tan G10 D4 gripset with my first Wilkins Logo patch and my newest WilkinsGRIP Glowing Logo patch. A Glowing Logo patch is free with any WilkinsGRIP purchase while supplies last.

This photo clearly shows how the WilkinsGRIP D4 design departs from Spyderco's original grips. I never simply copy the original grips in another material.

The original clip may be mounted in any of the 4 original locations available on the stock folder. Note: Current production D4 grips now include custom made Torx screws NOT the slotted screws shown in this pic.

I use the 3D parametric CAD program Solidworks to design all of my knives and WilkinsGRIP products. It allows me quickly simulate design changes that would take hours or days if I were forced to make an actual prototype of every possible configuration. Solidworks is an expensive tool but it allows me to bring a much more refined product to the market at a lower price quicker than ever before.