WilkinsGRIP N_Dura4

Production of the WilkinsGRIP N_Dura4 Gripsets has beed discontinued. Once current stock has been sold, that will be it.

The N_Dura4 fits all Spyderco Endura 4 Series Folding knives. Each gripset consists of two grip halves, a machined back spacer with steel cross-bolt and a set of custom made, stainless Torx screws.

The WilkinsGRIP N_Dura4 grips are only sold installed on a new Spyderco Endura folder. See my webshop for current stock and pricing.

These modified products were not manufactured by Spyderco, Inc.

In the Beginning there is the Computer! ;-) What would I do without Solidworks? Once I have a concept, the next step is always working out the design on the computer before beginning the first prototypes.

These are the first WilkinsGRIP N_Dura4 gris produced. Black G10 is always popular and I have had a great amount of success with the G11 laminate I call Swimming Pool Green due to its translucent turquoise color.

Basic Black G10 is hard to beat with most customers. My N_Dura4 grips are slightly thicker than the stock grips, allowing me to mill shallow pockets at four places at which the clip may be attached. Maintaining all clip options when using my grips – just like with the factory originals.

I spend a great deal of time refining my drawings to make sure the final grips are as close to a "perfect fit" as I can achieve. I think it is worth the effort!

Taking the Endura apart isn't too hard, jest make sure and tape the blade so as not to cut yourself. Putting the knife back together can be a pain though. Make sure the steel cross-bolt in the new spacer is firmly seated flush in the steel liner, see arrow in the pic.

As with all of my WilkinsGRIP products, I have chosen not to just copy the factory grips in another material, but rather to create an entirely new design incorporating the blade and mechanics from the original.

When taking your Endura apart, be sure and keep the pivot and screw (red arrow) separate from the 4 smaller threaded inserts (blue arrow). You must reuse the pivot and screw when installing your N_Dura4 grips. Don't drop it!

The Endura 4 is a formidable folding knife. In a set of WilkinsGRIP N_Dura4 grips it makes an ideal companion wherever a large, tough and reliable folding knife is needed.