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Ryback Damascus
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Ryback Series Chef’s Knives


My Large Ryback Chef’s Knives have been in constant production for many years now, starting with the Series 1, we’re now up to Series 3. They’ve all been ground from Becut Niobium / Vanadium alloyed stainless steel with the exception of a short run of 20 knives ground from Balbach DSC Carbon Damascus Pattern Welded steel. Good luck on finding one of those today. The only grip options available for the Series 3 knives are textured G10 in Black, Red or Orange. And only a few of each remain. Get one before they’re all gone. The Ryback Series 3 is one of the most versatile kitchen knives on the market – and it’s very doubtful with current production costs, if there will ever be a Series 4.  Click the Shop link to see what I have in stock!

steel: Becut stainless
steel thickness: 3.1mm
overall length: 325mm
blade length: 193mm (180mm sharp)
blade height: 58mm
grip thickness: 18.5mm approx.
weight: 258 grams approx.