Kevin Wilkins
Ryback Damascus
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Ryback Series Chef’s Knives


The Large Ryback Series Chef’s Knives have been around for a while. Current Series 3 production is ground from Becut Niobium / Vanadium Stainless at HRC 59 with a fine, tumbled finish.

The Series 3 features grips machined from Micarta, G10/G11 and a variety of woods. The skeletonized tang helps reduce weight in the grip area. One of the most versatile kitchen knives on the market.

I even did a short – and now sold out – run ground from Balbach DSC Carbon Damascus Pattern Welded steel. Click the Shop link to see what I have in stock!

steel: Becut stainless (standard)
steel thickness: 3.1mm
overall length: 325mm
blade length: 193mm (180mm sharp)
blade height: 58mm
grip thickness: 18.5mm approx.
weight: 258 grams approx.