The Leafstorm is my most popular folder and has gone through many versions over the years. I’ve done damascus blades, stainless blades and M2 HSS blades; with a clip, without a clip and with many different grip overlays. I started out milling a concave radius and partial serrations on the grips. Today’s Leafstorm sports a convex radius and no serrations as shown on the knife pictured to the right with a Bocote grip overlay.

The Leafstorm 8 is now sold out and has been replaced with the Leafstorm 9, featuring the new Sliding Bar Lock. I will be updating here with new pics and specs ASAP.

overall length open: 155mm
blade length: 60mm
blade thickness: 3.2 – 4mm
knife closed: 95mm

Wilkins Leafstorm Folder

This Leafstorm with a Bocote grip overlay is one of my favorites. The blade is hand ground from the same Balbach DSC Carbon Damascus used to make my Ryback Damascus kitchen knives.

Here's a slightly older older Leafstorm that has the concave edge treatment I used to make. The overlay is is pale green G11 and the blade steel is Balbach Damascus.

Next up is another early Leafstorm Lightweight where the non-locking gip is machined from solid G11 and the lock-side is machined from 6Al4V titanium. Blades on these were Böhler N690 stainless.

A unique, older Leafstorm with a beautiful overlay of Mokume and a Damascus blade.

The Leafstorm is a small knife, easily fitting either the pocket or the hand – as this pic illustrates.

I have done quite a few one-off Leafstorms but quite as far out there as this one. Both grip scales are machined from 3mm solid Sterling 925 Silver. The locking bar is 6Al4V titanium, flame anodized and securely screwed in place.

Another Leafstorm with coffee and cream colored mammoth ivory overly.

I made a few Leafstorms several years ago from some really interesting laminated carbon steel. Two or three of them were really streamlined, without grip overlays.

This is one cool knife I had forgotten about until sorting through old pics for this website. What a piece of mammoth ivory...

... and what another piece of mammoth ivory on the other side. That carbon Damascus blade is also fantastic. I've done a bunch of Leafstorms with round hole thumb openers that don't go all the way through the blade. I just hate to throw that steel away!

Creamy white mammoth ivory is another favorite for grip overlays.

Leafstorms that don't have overlays usually get the asymmetrical lanyard hole/spacer treatment as shown here in detail. The lock-side is not pieced as that would interfere with the pocket clip. makes for a slimmer profile too.

How many photos did I put on this Page?! Damn. This is a nice and simple Leafstorm with an olive green G11 overlay.

Now the Leafstorms are coming in pairs. Well not really, one of these is a rare chisel ground version with a blade crafted from M2 HSS at around HRC 65 with a TiAlN coating and black G10 overlay. The top knife is all Ti with a double hollow-ground M2 HSS blade.

This pic shows the top knife in the last photo from the locking side. The stainless pocket clip has the same dark TiAlN coating as is featured on the blade.

Last up are two more Leafstorms illustrating the slight changes in blade profile and Spyderco Hole from an earlier knife (above) to the current version below. I do like to keep fooling with designs to see if I can't make 'em better.

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