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WilkinsGRIP N_Dura4 Titanium grips installed on a brand new Spyderco Endura 4 folder with milled G10 spacer. Includes the Black Spyderco clip. Installation includes tumble polishing and deburring the Spyderco steel liners; deburring and polishing the main spring, reassembly and testing the build. The original Spyderco Endura knife was made in Japan, the Titanium WilkinsGRIPs are made by me here in Berlin.

I only sell the N_Dura4 grips installed because the installation and fitting can be tricky if you’re not experienced and equipped to get the job done. It still takes me an hour or two to assemble each knife. To see if any of these knives are available for sale, click the Shop link at the top of the page.

steel: Usually VG-10 Stainless
steel thickness: 2.8mm
grip thickness: 11.2mm
overall length open: 230mm
blade length: 98mm