Kevin Wilkins

Red Dot Sight Mounts.

This is a new design and manufacturing area I started in 2021. Currently I offer a CNC machined Red Dot Sight mount for all Hämmerli 208 and 215 series target pistols. These pistols are no longer in production but are still cherished and used by competitive shooters both in Germany and abroad. Until now there wasn’t an easy way to mount a red dot on the Hämmerli. Now there is! My design requires no modification of your pistol. Simply remove the factory rear sight with holder and replace it with my mount and adapter plate for the red dot sight you have.

My mounts fit all red dots using the Docter / Noblex and Shield footprints. Click the pic to the left for more photos and information.

NOTE: Due to PayPal regulations I cannot sell these directly from my webshop, so send me an email if you’re interested. Payment can be made with a normal bank transfer. I only ship these to an address within Germany. More legal red tape. Price for the mount with one adapter plate and a new custom system screw is €189 including 19% German VAT.

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