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Basic Field Knife


The only Basic Field Knives left are the final 4112 Series with Black Canvas Micarta grips. These blades were ground in Italy from German 1.4112 (440B) stainless steel. 4412 is a tough steel, very stainless and easy to sharpen. I know a few “steel snobs” will turn up their noses, but don’t under estimate this steel: it will get the job done. These Basic Field Knives are a fantastic value and each comes with a hand made Kydex sheath. The Basic Field Knife is a lightweight all-purpose field knife with an enclosed tang construction. The grips are CNC machined  and attached with 6 M4 stainless screws. The tang is exposed at the butt for hammering. A 6mm lanyard hole is provided.

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steel type: 1.4112 Stainless
steel thickness: 5mm
overall length: 232mm
blade length: 110mm
sharpened: 100mm
max. blade height: 35mm
weight: 210 gram