Kevin Wilkins


All WilkinsGRIP Products Discontinued

After more than 12 years, effective immediately, I will not be producing anymore WilkinsGRIP products. I will continue to sell my current inventory until it’s all gone, then, as they used to say in cartoons, That’s All Folks!

Unfortunately the grips market is no longer strong enough to warrant the effort needed to produce my grips. I simply do not sell enough grips to make it worth the cost.

Today most customers prefer not to spend money on aftermarket grips they have to install when they can buy an entire new, cool folder for the same price or less. The price for high quality folders has come way down, the quality has gone way up and the market is flooded with product. New knives come out every week. I get it.

Thanks to the literally thousands of customers who supported the WilkinsGRIP line for so long.

So check my Shop to see what’s still available. If the WilkinsGRIP product you’re looking for is not offered for sale, it’s sold out and gone. I don’t have anything else not shown there!

Download Page 1 of the WilkinsCLIP Installation Guide HERE

Download Page 2 of the WilkinsCLIP Installation Guide HERE

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