mini thorn nova

I’ve been refining this mortised-tang design on and off for several years and I believe the Mini Thorn Nova is one of the finest small knives you can buy.

In many ways the Nova parallels my Basic Military in its construction, just in a much smaller package. The Mini Thorn Nova offers the following advantages:

• It’s small and very lightweight! Carry the Nova all day without noticing it on your belt or in your pack.

• The Nova is features an extremely practical blade shape, flat ground to a thin edge for real-world cutting chores.

• The Nova’s grip design allows for a solid 3-finger grip while keeping the user’s fingers securely off the sharp cutting edge. Yet it’s easy to choke up on the knife for peeling or other fine cutting tasks.

I chose Swedish Elmax powder metal stainless steel for these blades. This is one of the most advanced cutlery steels in the world and at a hardness of HRC 60-61 it provides fantastic cutting performance, with an almost ideal balance between edge holding and toughness – you will enjoy using these little guys!

The grips are a two piece construction CNC machined in my shop. They are carefully hand fit to each blade and are secured with industrial adhesive, a custom threaded insert and two M4 stainless screws. These grips ain’t goinin’ nowhere.

Each Mini Thorn Nova includes a black leather sheath for easy carry.

construction: mortised tang
grips: glass fibre composite
steel type: Elmax PM Stainless HRC 60-61
steel thickness: 4mm
overall length: 150mm
blade length: 70mm
sharpened: 63mm
max. blade height: 25mm
grip width: ca. 12mm
weight: 82 grams

I managed to get my hands on some extremely cool, very high glass content G11 the color of which exactly matches the current military color widely known as Coyote Tan ... I'm calling this stuff Coyote Glass. It kills carbide cutters in no time but you will not break it.

The blade tang is mortised into the grips which not only insulates the user's hand but keeps the weight down without sacrificing strength. MT_Nova shown here with textured Mandarin Orange G10 grips!

The Mini Thorn Nova is a small knife with a wide range of uses! The grip is designed to fit three fingers on the average hand.

I really like how this knife looks with grips machined from Swimming Pool Green high strength G11!

I like textured G10 for grips, as long as the texturing isn't too aggressive. I think this Black Textured G10 is just perfect. Hopefully customers will agree with me!

Here's another shot of the Nova with Orange & Black layered G10 grips ... the watch gives an idea of the size of the knife.

Another color I think looks good on this knife is Bright Lime Green G10. You won't loose this one in the woods! Still, each Nova has a generous 6mm lanyard hole just in case.

Each MT Nova includes an excellent leather sheath specially made in Austria for easy belt carry.