mytuko cobalt

The Mytuko Cobalt is the ideal all-purpose kitchen knife for tasks where you prefer a shorter blade. Its 105mm (4.13”) blade is tall enough at 44mm (1.73”) to keep your knuckles off the cutting board and still get some real chopping done.

Each Mytuko Cobalt is machine flat ground to a fine edge from German 1.4528 cobalt alloyed stainless steel. This is a steel normally used for high performance, industrial cutting tools and it takes a fine edge and holds it a long time while being virtually rust free. At its optimal working hardness of HRC 58-59 this steel is tough enough to take some abuse without chipping and is not too difficult to resharpen using stones.

The Mytuko Cobalt is not only designed for the kitchen. It also makes an ideal companion for camping and field trips where a good knife always come in handy. Take it with you on Holiday if you’re renting a vacation home where you will be cooking! The leather sheaths are ready and in stock, see the knives in stock page for specs and prices!

construction: slab grips, exposed tang
grips: various woods and composites
steel type: German 1.4528 Cobalt Stainless HRC 58-59
steel thickness: 3mm
overall length: 220mm
blade length: 123mm
sharpened: 105mm
max. blade height: 44mm
grip width: ca. 15mm
weight (G10 grips): 153 grams

The current standard grips for the Mytuko Cobalt are machined from USA-made Olive Green Canvas Micarta. Blades are etched with my logo and brand.

Black Linen Micarta is an old favourite of many customers for using knives because it wears forever and is almost indistructible. It looks good too - which is always a plus!

Flame Orange G10 is another color that is very popular ... why not give the carrots in your kitchen something to talk about...

Oiled Oak grips may not sound all that special, but buyers have found them to be long wearing and very resistant to water. I think they look great too.

How about a brace of Mytuko Cobalts to bring some Spring into a wintery kitchen? Or for those planning to use the knife outdoors, you won't put one of these down and lose it.

I began using hard bamboo for the grips on kitchen knives some years back. Bamboo is harder than almost any wood on the market and when kept oiled, it very long wearing. Here's a Mytuko Cobalt Bamboo shown with a Mytuko Mini Titanium.

Olive Green Canvas Micarta is an old favourite in the Custom knife world, going all the way back to Bob Loveless famous Dropped Hunter. It still looks good today and makes a great user on the Mytuko Cobalt.

Pale Jade Green G11 is a material I started using almost 15 years ago and have kept on using ever since. It is beautiful and virtually indestructible.