mytuko mini cobalt

The Mytuko Mini Cobalt is a big, little knife. Just like the original Mytuko Mini it replaces … only the Mytuko Mini Cobalt incorporates all the little improvements that I’ve come up with as well as those suggested by customers over the years.

The Mytuko Mini Cobalt is flat ground to a fine cutting edge from 2.5mm 1.4528 Cobalt alloyed stainless steel. This German-made steel has the same composition as N690. See the Knives in Stock page of this website to find out what grip and finish options are currently on hand.

Compact leather sheaths of my design are available for purchase now, see the webshop for details.

steel: 1.4528 cobalt stainless
steel thickness: 2.5mm
overall length: 170mm
blade length (sharpened): 75mm
blade height: 35mm
weight: 75 grams

Here are both the Mytuko Cobalt (top) and the Mytuko Mini Cobalt shown together. The Mini is substantially smaller than the medium sized Mytuko Cobalt. There isn't much you can't do with these two knives.

The Mytuko Mini Cobalt fits easily in the palm of your hand, yet the 35mm blade height allows a larger finger cut out to keep the user's hand safely away from the cutting edge.

The Mytuko Mini Cobalt is a compact knife, shown here with a 1€ coin to give scale.

The Mytuko Mini Cobalt is an ideal small paring knife, and is particularly suited to the camping kitchen or vacation home.

Made in USA Olive Green Canvas Micarta is the standard grip material for both the Mytuko Mini Cobalt and the larger Mytuko Cobalt. The grips are fastened with my proprietary inserts and stainless M3 Torx screws.

The Mytuko Mini Cobalt is an ideal daily companion in places such as Germany that restrict the carrying of some folders, while allowing smaller fixed blades.

This is the original Mytuko Mini fitted her with black Linen Micarta grips. The original was a good knife; I think the new Mini Cobalt is substantially better!

Here's the Mytuko Mini Cobalt at an angle to show the fine, stone washed finish.