Kevin Wilkins

Ryback Rockaway


The Ryback Rockaway has the same grip form as the Flatbush and Bushtetra models. It’s designed for general kitchen and outdoor use. The tough Becut niobium alloyed stainless blade at HRC 59 is finished with a brushed and tumbled surface. Grips here are machined from Oil Finished Bamboo and attached with M4 screws, threaded inserts and a 3mm pin. The Bamboo grips make for a very light weight knife. These are from a short run of less than 12 knives total.

This knife with Bamboo grips is not suited for a Kydex sheath as the Kydex would damage the Bamboo. A leather sheath is recommended for users needing a sheath. I can arrange to have one made here in Germany, cost would be around €100.

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steel: Becut Niobium Stainless
steel thickness: 3.1mm
overall length: 255mm
blade length: 137mm (130mm sharp)
blade height: 33mm
grip thickness: 15.5mm
weight: 125 grams