2 New Knives: Mytuko Cobalt and Mini Thorn Nova

After the Big Move in the Winter of 2014, it took a while to get organised and bring out some new knives. Presenting the Mytuko Cobalt and the Mini Thorn Nova.

The Mytuko Cobalt is loosely based on the classic Santuko with a 105mm of sharpened blade ground from German cobalt alloyed stainless. This is an excellent performer in both the kitchen and afield. Prices start at €89*.

The Mini Thorn Nova is the latest knife in my Mini Thron series and the first featuring a mortised tang construction. Its also the first knife I have done using Elmax powder metal stainless steel from Sweden. It will not be the last though, this is a fantastic steel. Mini Thorn Novas start at €99*.

See the individual pages for each knife for complete specs and info and the in stock page for what I currently have on offer.

*Price for sales shipping outside the European Union; EU sales add 19% German VAT.